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Raphael Klinic

A holistic approach to health…

DSC09265-831x560Raphael Klinic is an integrative medical practice located in the Warburton valley at the base of Australia’s great dividing range. Warburton is a sublime location with abundant natural biodiversity and stunning scenic beauty.  The valley is surrounded by high mountains whose many tributaries create the headwaters of Australia’s ancient Gondwanaland river – the ‘Yarra’. For aeons this land has been home to the ‘Wurundjeri people’ whose elders remain the ongoing custodians of all life in this sacred vale.

Europeans first settled Warburton in the late 1800’s seeking gold. It was not long however before news of the healing properties of the secluded valley reached the outside world.  By the early 1900’s the valley had increasingly become a place of pilgrimage for those in search of healing and reinvigorated health. As the century progressed Warburton began to offer an increasing variety of hospitals, sanitariums, health spas and rehabilitation centers.  In time the name Warburton became synonymous with well-being eventually being recognized as ‘Victoria’s home of health’.

The heritage of Warburton as a place of healing and well being continues today at the Raphael Klinic. Our clinic provides a unique blend of modern contemporary medical interventions combined with traditional natural medicines. The clinic specialises in integrative medicine that respects the enormous advances and benefits provided by technology whilst also supporting an individual’s own health potential through holistic therapies that view the patient not as a mechanistic body but rather as an evolving spiritual being.  Our specialized services and care combined with the natural restorative energies of the surrounding valley create a true healing opportunity for all clients attending the Raphael Klinic.