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In Australia medicine is not free and doctors are paid a fee for the services they render. This patient fee is subsidised by a government national health scheme – Medicare.  In order to receive a medicare subsidy a patient must pay the full cost of a Doctors fee then apply to Medicare either in person or online for a rebate. However many patients may not be aware that Medicare has frozen its rebate to GP’s for over a decade and plans to extend the freeze unto 2020. This has led to a reducing income for general practitioners and increasing financial stress and time restrictions on all private practices. Unfortunately unless there is a radical change to this primary health care policy private clinics will be forced to pass growing costs onto patients through either reducing the time they spend with a patient or through steadily increasing out of pocket gap payments. Although bulk billing clinics still exist in the community often patients report that the service they receive at these clinics feels very rushed and incomplete and that they were not heard due to the restrictive consultation times. At Raphael Klinic we offer a professional medical service combined with knowledge and practice of extended integrated medicine. Due to the increased time such integrative medicine requires in both training and consultations we repectfully request that you do not ask to be bulk billed. We believe the medical services we offer at Raphael Klinic go beyond a standard quick bulk billing consultation.

Medical Consultation – Gap Payment Fees

All Patients – Initial Consultation – 45 min: $100 Gap

Adult Short Appointment – 15 min: $30 Gap

Pension Card Short appointment – 15 min: $0 Gap

Child Short Appointment – 15 min: $0 Gap

Adult Long Appointment – 30 min: $50 Gap

Pension Card – Long Appointment – 30 min: $35 Gap

Child (< 16yrs) – Long Appointment – 30 min: $30 Gap

Adult Psychotherapy – 60 min: $100

Private Telephone Consult – 15 min: $70

Home Visits on Request – $80 Gap

Ortho-Bionomy Fees

Adults – 60 min Session: $80

Child – 60 min Session: $60

Baby – 30 min Session: $30

External Therapies / Compress Therapy fees

Adult – 60 min Session: $60

Child – 60 min Session: $50